A&S Support Coordinators will assist participants connect with the supports and services they need to achieve their personal goals.  This process starts with the development of the participant’s individualized support plan (NJISP) and his/hers Person Centered Planning Tool (PCPT). Each participant will be assigned a Support Coordinator (SC) that will get to know each participant and their family.  The SC will schedule an initial meeting to meet the participant and their family/support and inquire about current support needs, community resources, and natural supports (family, neighbors, and community) that are available to the participant.  Programs and resources by local, state, and federal agencies will be explored. A&S support coordinators will provide linkage and coordinate with all appropriate supports that best suits the participant. This will result in a unique service plan that will become each participant’s blueprint for the future. Once a plan is developed, the SC will approve the plan and assist in the implementation of the plan.  Each Coordinator will continue to follow up and stays in communication with families to assist with any revisions or changes as necessary through monthly contact, quarterly face-to-face visits and an annual home visit.

What we do as Support Coordinators:

  • Identify the client’s support needs and preferences
  • With the participant and family, will develop the NJ Person Centered. Planning Tool (PCPT) and NJ Individual Service Plan (NJISP).
  • Identify and locate services that include: community supports, the government supports beyond DDD, and /or natural support based on funds available in the participant’s individual budget. Linking participant and their families to available resources and agencies
  • Ongoing monitoring of established supports and services to make sure services are running smoothly.
  • Responding to emergencies and other service-related needs of the participant and/or family.